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Logo Design

Web Design

LUCIDUS is your creative partner, specializing in crafting distinctive brand identities, captivating logos, and seamless web designs.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics, we transform concepts into visual stories that resonate. From a logo's nuanced simplicity to a website's intuitive elegance, we bring your vision to life.

At LUCIDUS, we're more than designers – we're storytellers, turning ideas into art and aspirations into reality.

Elevation Sign Mockup hbh.webp
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phone Scene JR Personal Training.webp

Branding, Logo Design & Web Design

JR Personal Training

Branding, Logo Design & Web Design
Billboard on Wall Mockup 2 copy.webp

Branding & Logo Design


Branding & Logo Design
Branding, Logo Design & Web Desig
Warm Poster hsm.webp

Branding, Logo Design & Web  Design

Huisje met Spulletjes

ID Card Holder Mockup IBIS.webp
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